The Old Man and the Tea Stall


With a camera and a bag pack, I finally reached this heavenly place called Sonmarg (Kashmir). I took a deep breath and looked around. There were families; laughing, talking or holding hands. I didn’t feel alone. I enjoyed the company of all those strangers in that strange place. Honestly, it didn’t feel strange at all.

As I started walking further towards those white smoky mountains, someone shouted informing us about the rain that was to begun. Everyone started heading back. Some stayed. I hadn’t the slightest intention of going back already. I wandered around the place letting it all in. But when it started to pour, it was time to take a stoppage somewhere. There were tea stalls nearby, getting crowded with all those people. My eyes caught a small tea stall with an old man sitting alone, smoking to his heart’s content. That’s where I headed. And I will…

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